Cool stuff

  • Unit Authoring Tool & Unit Player – a unit is a general term for visual content – be it a webpage, a lesson or an exam assignment. This web application allows you to visually create units (such as for example exercises for an exam) and then render them inside an iframe by using its respective Unit Player. The software is still at an early stage, but documentation and descriptions of use cases are in the works. In the meantime, it is being used by the Institute for Educational Quality Improvement (IQB), Berlin.

  • PHP Search Engine – a PHP search function that searches through an array (usually the result of a database query) at 6 depth levels:

    1. Full phrase – direct match
    2. Full phrase – similar pronunciation
    3. Full phrase – similar spelling
    4. Each individual word – direct match
    5. Each individual word – similar pronunciation
    6. Each individual word – similar spelling

Useful stuff


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